Automated exposure control for industry and trading companies.
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Software-Driven Market Risk Management - Companies choose XPOSUREnav to automate and control their business's market dependencies.

Companies are exposed via price models and contracts to movements in FX or commodity markets. Semi-finished products, alloys and auxiliary materials also play a decisive role in the overall margin. Many companies have a hard time understanding these dynamic volumes / price perspectives and systematically integrating them into corporate governance. XPOSUREnav is an intelligent software solution that captures the market position of a company based on the sister product XPOSURErep and enables CFOs and finance departments to carry out partially or fully automated market risk management.


CFO and Treasury.


XPOSUREnav extends the functionalities of XPOSURErep (MIS to represent the market position of a company) with fully or partially automatic compliance with specified exposure parameters via an automatic risk management engine. Including all regulatory requirements according to MIFID, EMIR and hedge accounting.


Companies can concentrate on their core business. XPOSUREnav automatically handles market risk management issues. It eliminates communication with banks and the preparation of various regulatory framework conditions by consulting firms.



Software solution

    Central view on company exposure.

    The XPOSUREnav Dashboard shows all relevant parameters of the company exposure structure.

    • Corporate market exposure and limits.
    • Exposure by sector/complex.
    • Earnings contribution by market.
    • ValueAtRisk and other risk ratios.
    • The dashboard is free configurable.
    • Numbers are calculated in realtime.
    Profit Contribution
    View of current market earnings contribution by sector.

    The Profit Contribution View shows the market earnings contribution of market positions (f.e. by commodity, currency, etc.).

    • Divided into exposure sectors (commodities, currencies etc.).
    • View of shares of single market earnings contributions.
    • Divided into subgroups (f.e. metal sector).
    • Free configurable.
    • Live and in realtime.
    Prewarning System
    Prewarning functionality for market exposure positions.

    The integrated Prewarning System shows, if predefined riskborders have been reached.

    • View of budget/current numbers and borders.
    • Set by nominal-, relative- and upper- lower-borders.
    • View on VaR, nominals and hedge ratio.
    • Free configurable and realtime data update.
    • Automatic trigger if border reached.
    Prewarning System Configurator
    Configure risk targets for company market position.

    The Prewarning System Configurator lets you set gradually risk borders.

    • Setting per exposure position and in predefined total- and groupviews.
    • By VaR, exposure or hedge ratio.
    • Definition of several warning steps.
    • Besides graphical interface also automatic/dynamic data import possible.
    Exposure Cockpit
    Automatic exposure management interface.

    The Exposure Cockpit overtakes the complete hedging settlement of predefined risk parameters.

    • Free adjustment of singular risk parameters by markets.
    • Fully automatic hedging and management of set risk positions.
    • Setup by exposure, VaR or HedgeRatio.
    • Fully automatic market risk management solution.


Monitoring Only Services

Monitoring only the market exposure of a company.
The market position of the company at a glance - in real time.
Long / short model of the company analogous to risk management in banks.
Combined display of exposure structure and market data.
Real-time position book integrates physical and hedging positions.

Warning & Signaling & Prognosis Services

Real-time reporting, early warning and signaling system for the company's market exposure.
Risk warning system based on exposure monitoring and predefined limit parameters.
Market signals with trend reversal of market prices and nominal positions (eg purchasing / sales overhang).
Signals in relation to your own market position, for example, to use forward price advantages.
Forecasting tools for forecasting market contribution.

Manual Control Services

Companies can manually set their risk level.
XPOSUREnav takes over the complete handling of hedging activities.
Position management, margin handling, position extension, etc. completely automated.
CFOs and Treasury can set risk according to Nominal Size, VaR or Hedge Ratio criteria.
Summary of MIFID, EMIR and Hedge Accounting Reporting.
Intuitive and transparent management of the exposure position.

Auto Pilot Services

Setting Exposure Levels and Risk Targets via Exposure Policy Templates.
XPOSUREnav takes care of all the necessary activities by car pilot.
Manual intervention possible at any time.
Automatic adaptation of hedging positions when the physical exposure position changes.
Auto detect market trends, price peaks and significant changes in the exposure structure.

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